06 July 2005

First Off

If you are reading this, you are defying all odds...I was really wondering if anyone would look at this. Even if no one does, I know I will. So will my apartmentmate, Sarah, so she says. (However, I will not hold her to this.) My apartmentmate rocks. She's the reason why I started this blog (she has a rad blog herself - Confessions of an Overachieving Dilettante) and she convinced me to join Friendster. I think Friendster will be fun, but considering that I only have 10 friends as of now, I feel like I took a turn for the worst...

I'm hoping that someone other than me thinks my blog title is somewhat creative and/or funny. I am a fan of puns, of any sort, shape, or kind. My name is Sophia, and so "philosophia" seemed to work. I actually had originally named the blog "because cranberries grow in blogs" (Yes, another pun, because of course, cranberries grow in bogs, not blogs. This was Sarah's idea; I just added the "because" to "make it mine"). So, I started with a pink and maroon cranberry color scheme. I actually love this color combination, and it not only went along with the whole "cranberries" idea, but it matches the skirt that I was and am currently wearing, sans the paisleys. However, after I changed my blog name to "philosophia", I decided to modify my template to a soothing zen-like one called "Rounders 4". My anal retentive self is now pleasantly satiated.

I like to think that I'm somewhat cool. Not super cool, but groovy and perhaps, rad (a word that coincidentally, both Sarah and I are trying to bring back). I am usually a patient person who's eager to learn about other ideas and other people, for that matter. While some people are passive aggressive, I like to think that I'm just plain aggressive.

I'm really not sure how to end this, but stay tuned for an update on alliterated animals.


At 6:21 PM, Blogger dwwv said...

Hello from a passive agressive non-native English speaker ;) (this should do for an excuse).
I really didn't see myself posting comments here, on blogger.com, but your blog is really nice and... alive! :)

At 6:22 PM, Blogger Lars C. said...

Alliterated animals... amazing. I can't wait :)

Lars Callieou


At 6:15 PM, Blogger Mike Justice said...

I read this. I suppose I have defied the odds? I always have the same feeling. I write this blog but does anybody actualy look at it or care? Will you defy the odds? www.getjusticenow.blogspot.com

At 8:31 AM, Blogger Sophia said...

Hey, Dustweaver and Lars C.!

Thanks for your encouraging comments. Sorry for the change of web address and such; I thought that http://myphilosophia.blogspot.com would be easier to remember than the other one!

At 8:32 AM, Blogger Sophia said...

Hey Mike Justice,

Yes! I did read your blog...Thanks for showing me! I be sure to check back soon.


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