08 July 2005

Sometimes, I Go to the Bank for Free Coffee

The title says it all; I really do this. For example, if I have to deposit a check, and I have the option to use the drive-through or the ATM, I won't, if I know the bank has free coffee. Instead, I'll park my car, walk into the bank, deposit my check, and then act surprised (like Mark Summers after his face-lift) that there was coffee there, waiting for me to consume.

In fact, I would choose to bank at a place that offers its customers free coffee. If it came down to it, and one bank was a little further away or was a little less convenient, I'd still go there, as long as I can count on the coffee. The (broken) lollipops and pens are a nice bonus, but not necessary.

The coffee is mandatory.


At 9:58 AM, Anonymous jamee said...

i'd say you do many things like this...remember bath and body works?

:) i miss you down here in boston

At 10:11 AM, Blogger Sophia said...

Yes, I do enjoy the freebees... :)

I miss you too, Jamee!


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