18 September 2005

133 Things

Because after I hit 100, I just couldn't stop.
  1. I can drive from Philadelphia to Boston without using the bathroom once.
  2. U2 is my favorite band.
  3. I enjoy moaning when I stretch.
  4. I think that autumn is my favorite season.
  5. I like saying autumn instead of fall.
  6. I can fall asleep anywhere, anytime.
  7. I want to be a better listener.
  8. I enjoy saying, "let's be honest."
  9. I don't have any allergies.
  10. I collect glass with etched polka-dots.
  11. I think polka-dots look very happy.
  12. I get a sore throat almost everytime I move or travel.
  13. I don't usually swear, unless I say "badass", but that has a good connotation.
  14. Hosebeast, superfluous, and fastidious are some of my favorite words.
  15. I've never smoked a cigarette or taken any drugs.
  16. I love dry red wines.
  17. I usually don't like to whine.
  18. My right ear is slightly higher than my left ear.
  19. I'm really good about keeping in touch.
  20. I wish I was European.
  21. I am 100% Asian (half-Russian, half-Pakistani).
  22. I like black russians, as in the drink. I don't know any Russians who are black, but I'm sure I'd like them too.
  23. Sometimes, I walk into a store and pretend I'm British.
  24. Sometimes, when I say "sometimes", I really mean "always".
  25. I have a crush on Sting, Pierce Brosnan, and Viggo Mortenson. I always will.
  26. Once, I had a crush on a guy with a mullet. But, it wasn't in the 80s. It was maybe in 2002.
  27. I like to think I was one of the fans who helped Mariah Carey come out of her breakdown.
  28. I play the piano, but I really wish I had learned the violin or 'cello.
  29. Somebody stole my wallet when I was in Quebec in seventh grade. They got away with forty dollars.
  30. I am slow to anger.
  31. One of my all-time favorite songs to sing along to is Jill Scott's Golden.
  32. I obnoxiously harmonize to most songs I hear when people aren't around.
  33. I buy things based on product design.
  34. I believe in intelligent design.
  35. I love dogs and think that cats are OK.
  36. I would attempt to do a lot more if I knew I couldn't fail.
  37. My initials backwards are "ASS". So are my dad's.
  38. I try my best not to wear logoed clothing.
  39. I'm an ESTJ.
  40. I dumpster dive and trash pick.
  41. I believe that it's the moral responsibility of the majority to raise their voice for those in the minority.
  42. I hear sounds kinesthetically, as tactile gestures.
  43. One of my favorite lunches is chicken salad with swiss on toasted raisin bread.
  44. I love the ocean.
  45. I live wholistically.
  46. Sometimes, I accidentally wink at people.
  47. People often ask me if I'm Greek.
  48. One of the most exciting things to me is knowing what gets others excited.
  49. I have an embarrassingly low alcohol tolerance level.
  50. I am impatient.
  51. Coffee owns parts of my brain and maybe my soul.
  52. In third grade, I lost a sterling silver and turquoise turtle-shaped ring on the hill by our school playground. I still think about it every once in awhile.
  53. If I could do one thing forever, I'd probably travel.
  54. I want to be a better listener.
  55. I've never had a headache.
  56. I tear up when I hear Horowitz play Schumann or read "The Giving Tree". The latter reminds me of my grandfather on my Russian side.
  57. My Russian grandfather was the most giving person I've ever met.
  58. One of my favorite things to do is consolidate.
  59. I laugh in my sleep.
  60. I am an idealist.
  61. I am very extroverted but cherish time with myself.
  62. For me, fetal position is the most comfortable position in the world.
  63. I love puns.
  64. My dream is to one day be associated with The New Yorker.
  65. I think that people who are passionate about what they do are wonderfully contagious.
  66. I am too easily impressed with titles and degrees.
  67. I love people-watching.
  68. I like to think that I have a good sense of style.
  69. I've read commencement speeches at all three of my graduations thus far (eighth grade, high school, college).
  70. I forgive easily, but I've also learned to be careful.
  71. I've been told I have good pheremones.
  72. I am extremely ticklish.
  73. My sister can tickle me from across the room.
  74. I've never had a pedicure.
  75. My wildest dream is to sing the descant to every verse of a hymn one week in a church service.
  76. In high school, I consumed too much beta carotene in a short amount of time, and I turned orange.
  77. I don't have a TV at school, so I plan my workout schedule around Ellen just so I can go to the gym and dance with her on the elliptical machine.
  78. I am highly organized. Some examples include:
    1. My living space
    2. My documents
    3. My glove compartment
    4. The fact that I'm saying that I'm organized in outline form
  79. I seek the good in people and believe it's there.
  80. Like Bono, I believe in grace over karma.
  81. I shook Bianca Jagger's hand at an Amnesty International protest.
  82. My sister is my best friend.
  83. I value functionality, but I love fancy things too.
  84. I got 10 stitches in my forehead when I was hit with a field hockey stick during practice by a girl named Tara. My sister told me that I was "going to die".
  85. I used to dislike Rufus Wainwright, but now I think he's amazing.
  86. Some of my favorite color combinations are : turquoise + brown, orange + grey, light pink + brown, chartreuse + pale yellow, olive green + turquoise, and deep red + pale blue.
  87. I read graphic design blogs.
  88. I always give credit where credit is due.
  89. I love a good bargain.
  90. People at school think I'm a singer.
  91. I feel egocentric writing 133 things about myself.
  92. But, I kind of like it.
  93. My favorite quote is : "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." Aesop
  94. A close second is : "Take it easy, but take it." John Cage
  95. I truly believe that if we loved our neighbor as ourselves, our world would be a better place.
  96. I can trace my musical lineage to Beethoven. So can most pianists.
  97. I smile a lot.
  98. I'm smiling now.
  99. I love watching rainstorms.
  100. I bought my car solely for its moon roof and stereo system.
  101. I once had a reoccuring dream about the "Wheel of Fortune" wheel and Native Americans.
  102. I used to be obsessed with dolphins.
  103. I've never picked my nose and eaten it.
  104. I've picked my ear and looked at it though.
  105. I like lemon anything.
  106. I love most people.
  107. I've never heard anyone with a better sense of rhythm and groove than Ruben Gonzalez.
  108. I think VH1's "I Love the 80s" and "I Love the 90s" are the most brilliant series of shows ever created.
  109. I really wish the 80s would last forever.
  110. My current favorite 80s-sounding tune is Modest Mouse's 2004 hit, Float On.
  111. I hate it when people write "80's" as if the 80s were possessive. It's not. It's just a decade, typically utilized in adjective or noun form. I hate it when they do it for "Cds" too.
  112. I try not to act it, but I'm sort of nerdy.
  113. I love 85% cocoa dark chocolate.
  114. I used to really be into NBA basketball.
  115. I enjoy the smell of rubber cement and gasoline a lot.
  116. Growing up, I attended Russian Orthodox Church with my mom, went to a Quaker school, and attended mosque on holy days with my dad.
  117. Peter Jennings was my all-time favorite journalist.
  118. I don't think that blondes have more fun.
  119. I wanted to leave change in a tip bowl that read, "If you fear change, leave it here." But I didn't.
  120. I like it when I blow my nose once, and it all comes out at once.
  121. I love shoes and purses.
  122. Sojourners, Oxfam, World Vision, and Amnesty International inspire me.
  123. In first grade, I asked my teacher Mrs. Flynn how to spell "I".
  124. Interestingly enough, I went to the grade above me for reading class in elementary school.
  125. I really do think that The Onion is "America's finest news source".
  126. I once used Aveda's Firmata hairspray as perfume because it smells so good.
  127. Sometimes I procrastinate.
  128. When I attempt to not procrastinate, I remind myself that not everything in life has to be an emergency.
  129. I believe that life's better with integrity.
  130. I'm trying to bring back the word rad with a vengeance, and it's sort of working.
  131. One of my favorite songs to wake up to is Sting's A Thousand Years.
  132. I google myself.
  133. I love using a bag from the summer and finding beach sand in it.


At 12:34 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

Haha, somehow I managed to learn most of that over the summer. :) But Soph, "One of my favorite lunches is chicken salad with swiss on toasted raisin bread." Um, ew, girl.

You believe in intelligent design? As in you think evolution is a total fallacy and that man and the dinosaurs coexisted? Have you seen Evolution Schmevolution on The Daily Show?

At 2:10 PM, Blogger Sophia said...

Hey Sarah,

I do believe in intelligent design, not to rule out evolution, but to say that I believe that God exists. Like I told you this summer, I don't have any other explanation for how the world is the way it is.

Um, yeah, I do like the chicken salad with swiss on toasted raisin bread...Especially on a rainy day. :)

At 6:48 PM, Blogger ahleks said...

Entertaining list. I particularly like #111.

At 12:15 AM, Blogger Sophia said...

Thanks for visiting, Ahleks! I'm glad you liked the list.

At 6:18 PM, Blogger Graham said...

U2 are awesome. For some reason I always think of you as European. Not that ur wit and uniqueness is particular European trait. We tend to be rather unoriginal is these parts.

I can tell u smile a lot. Whenever I read one of ur posts I always feel as though u smile when ur writing it, lol. U've got a very positively infectious personality which is one of the reasons I enjoy reading what u write a lot.

Rad is an awesome word.

Thanks for cheering me up on my blog :).

At 10:34 PM, Blogger Sophia said...

Awww, Graham...Thanks. :)

At 10:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just ran into your blog, and I enjoyed reading your list of 133 things. I realised I share some common interests with you: The New Yorker, belief in Intelligent design, respect for Bianca Jagger, World Vision, using "bad-ass", believing that loving one another would make this world a better place, etc..

- George http://gjegadesh.blogspot.com/

At 8:46 AM, Blogger Sophia said...

Thanks for visiting, George! I am reading you blog, too. :)


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