08 December 2005

Musical Word Plays

As the semester winds down, so do my critical thinking skills. Here's an easy break from the seriousness of classes and piano.

Below are original musical word plays absconded from the whiteboard on my door. My friends and I have active social lives comprising of laying on someone's bed and laughing about nothing. If we're really feeling ambitious, we go to the grocery store. Aside from those activities, my whiteboard has provided countless hours of non-stop fun. See for yourself.

Preludacris (John)
Largo away (me)
How does your garden Allegro? (me)
Prestoe nails (John)
Adagi-oprah (John)
Andante's Inferno (me)
Andantinosaurus Rex (me)
Graziosewing Kit (me)
Grandioso What? (me)
Vivace-chis (John; this is hard - think, "Viva Chi-Chis", as in the Mexican restaurant)
Legatomobile (me)
Liszterine (me)
Chopinaramic View (me)
Too Hot To Handel (John)
Hadyn Go Seek (me, via countless others)
Kelly Clarksonogram (John)
Bono Way (John)
Ralph Lockeness Monster (Jared; musicologist Dr. Locke really is the nicest person; I just thought this was funny)


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