03 May 2006

Green and Guilty

So, in response to Earth Day, I decided to almost exclusively purchase all organic products (and some natural ones), so as to be nice to the environment. Up until now, I had bought some organic and natural products, but now, I'm going full blast. I consulted my greenest friend, Zach, about my switch. It turns out that I had already purchased a lot of J/A/S/Ö/N products, as they are organic and pretty reasonably priced. Before he knew this though, he wrote:

do you get J/A/S/Ö/N products? i like J/A/S/Ö/N products. i use J/A/S/Ö/N shampoo and J/A/S/Ö/N bodywash and J/A/S/Ö/N facewash and J/A/S/Ö/N deodorant.


Now, for the "guilt" section. I haven't blogged in 10 days = guilt. And, I have a new guilty pleasure completely not related to Earth Day. It's Goldfrapp's song Number 1, which may or may not be playing on repeat right now in my room. I first heard it working out at the YMCA when I requested that we put on the Dance station so I can listen to all my favorite trashy songs five times faster with absurdly tacky synthesized beats imposed on them. If you like 90s-esque techno beats, have a listen.


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