25 July 2005

Hey, Wasssab[i]?

Great news...I know who the WASABI vanity plate man is! (See my Vaine entry; he's the owner of the car with the first plate on the list.) I mean, not really know him, but sort-of know of him now. It turns out that he comes to our band camp concerts. This past Friday night, I missed my first concert all summer to stay back on campus and practice, as I was just handed a whole lotta 20th/21st century piano music to learn for performances coming up very soon, the first of which is tonight.

Sarah, however, attended the concert. Before it began, one of the administrators (the "drum major", if you will) allegedly announced that a lime-green Beetle with the plate WASABI had its lights on. A tall, groovy man in his 40s (Sarah said "he was over 30 and under 50"; she only caught a faint glimpse of the back of him) scurried out of the hall to remedy the situation.

This made me feel all happy inside! To put a face (or at least a description of the back of his body) with the vanity plate makes the experience so personal.

So, if you're reading, cheers to you, Mr. WASABI. May your wasabi always be green and your ginger always pickled.


At 6:10 AM, Blogger D-Thinker said...

Thanks for listening to my music, especially since you are classically trained.

At 6:45 AM, Blogger Sophia said...

You're welcome, Diary Thinker!


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