12 July 2005

What's Your Political Dance Party?

I've been listening to Van Dyk's "The Politics of Dancing" while I work out (and even when I'm not working out). Not Anthony Van Dyck, as in the Flemish painter, but Paul Van Dyk, the awesome Berlin-based DJ master-mind. My friend Tom introduced me to this amazing double-cd. I move so much faster when I'm listening to his mesmerizing electronic dance grooves.

All this talk about politics and dancing has made me ruminate over my political dance party. I am a resolved Techno-crat. There are some who are Republi-can-cans, Anarkickin' up the volume, hey Greeeeeen margaritas owwww!, So-cha-cha-lists, and even Liber-tarian' up the dance floor.

Speaking of dancing, Sarah sucked me into her bizarre world of what she calls "crazy dancing". There is really no specified time for it, but she just yells, "it's time!", and we turn up Dr. Theopolis or whatever happens to be lying around. We scramble downstairs and flail our limbs in every which way. In my first crazy dancing experience though, I was actually dancing for real. She got really mad at me and said, "Noooo STOP! You're dancing too well. You have to do this!" And she proceeded to wiggle her body and throw her arms in various directions. I caught on quickly, and crazy dancing is now one of my favorite pastimes.

So, pick your political dance party, crazy dance, and have fun. Just as long as everyone's dancing.


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