23 September 2005

Beeth's Oven

The string players said they were "practicing their orchestral excerpts", but we all know that's a lie from the pit of hell (or from the pit of the orchestra). The singers said they were on "vocal rest", but that wasn't true either. The pianists said they were practicing for the upcoming concerto competition. That too was a decoy. In their practice rooms, the composers were scribbling on staff paper what looked like musical notes. But, they weren't musical notes at all.

This week, all the music students were scheming. Scheming and dreaming. But, mostly scheming.

You see, we had a "name the dining center" contest at my music school. The winner gets an iPod, so the stakes were pretty high. Seeing that none of us have money to buy an iPod, there were a myriad of entries for the contest. Everyone tried to pass it off as if they weren't even thinking of submitting. But, we all knew better. The ballot box was bursting at the seams.

My friend, Jared and I took the liberty to peruse through the ballot box to see some of the entries. We figured tonight would be our only chance, as today was the last day of the contest. So, like surreptitious nimrods, we crept up to the table and dismantled the box after dinner.

Here are some of the entries we found :

D.C. al Fine (D.C. for "dining center")
Jermaine's House of Funk (Jermaine is one of the dining center workers and always plays funk music)
The Passing Tone
Bach's Bistro
The Maestro's Baton
Encore Eatery
The Green Room
(I like to refer to this one as "The [why does it look] Green Room")

My friend Cory made these up after the contest ended, unfortunately :

Kodaly's Kuche
Haydn Go Leek
Josquin't Wait to Eat Some Greens
Schnittke's Schnitzel
The Serial Bar

I made these up after the contest ended, too :

Lights, Camera, Food!
Telemann's Tandori
Rhapsody In Stew
International House of Prokofiev
Messiaen's Mess Hall
Schoenberger's Grill

I actually submitted a few, but I really think my best one was "Beeth's Oven". I sort of have high hopes of winning, but I can't be too sure. These contests are really competitive. Last year, I entered a "name the fish" contest at a local coffee shop. The unnamed fish was a bright orange beta, so I thought I'd name it "Beta Carotene". All the workers at the shop seemed to like it, but I'm pretty sure it was all a facade, because I never did get a phone call saying that I won. It was all laughs and smiles until they dismissed my entry.

I know the competition's stiff, but I'm holding out on this one. Beeth's oven is pre-heated and ready to bake.


At 1:58 AM, Anonymous Carrie said...

Oh my--I imagine Cathy S. will, um, eat that one right up. I suppose it's too late for me to submit "Dallapiccola's Delectable Diner" or "Khachaturian's Kulinary Korner"...darn. Good luck with the i-Pod--I'll keep my fingers crossed! :)

At 10:45 AM, Blogger Sophia said...

Ohhh, Carrie - those are great! Thanks for visiting. :)

At 5:15 PM, Anonymous KMS said...

I can't think of any; I'm not a punny kind of guy. . . I hope you win though, "Beeth's oven" Damn!

At 7:52 PM, Blogger Sophia said...

Thanks, KMS...I'm crossing my fingers!


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