10 August 2005


So, in the spirit of last Friday's Voice of the Whizzle posting, I thought I'd share a fun little story. The same day we performed Voice of the Whale, a woman from the Maine Humane Society came to band camp. With her were two cats in a large, beautiful crate. Excited beyond belief to behold animals that evoked memories of homes and lives outside of band camp, our trio quickly approached her and asked what the furry felines' names were. "Eric", she replied, pointing to a tabby cat, and "Fizzle", gesturing to a long-haired cat resembling the one in the picture above (although "Fizzle" is a bit bigger and has more grey spots).

"Um, did you say Fizzle?" I asked.

"Yeah, Fizzle", she said.

"Cool," I smiled. But I was really thinking "cizzle".


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