31 July 2005

Did July About Not Celebrating the Fourth?

Here at band camp, we proudly host students from all over the world. There's some British faculty who teach here, and they cross the pond with several students from the great Isle every summer. The British students are often really awesome and exited to be in the States, as it is sort of a "holiday" for them. They are very balanced - knowing just how to have lots of fun, while at the same time, practicing their music diligently.

One such British student was a girl who came for the first session was a bit disgruntled at the fourth of July activities being hosted in the area's local towns. Band camp arranged for buses to shuttle everyone to the events, namely to a fair with fireworks in the evening. When Sheila, the British student's RA, asked her if she'd be going out with everyone, she said no. Sheila asked why, and the girl replied with a clever, outlandishly funny, and witty response: "I won't be celebrating the fourth of July with you because my country actually lost that war."

The whole irony of the situation is that the British camper ended up going to see the fireworks anyway! I'm not sure if she decided at the last minute because all her friends were taking the plunge, or what.

Either way, the girl told a tall tale about not celebrating. She was kidding about not going. Lying even. Julying.


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