11 August 2005

Kidz Deez Daze

Walking back from a piano lesson on Tuesday, 26 July, I passed by some kids ranging in age from 5-16 participating in a summer program on the same campus as my band camp.

I saw the little ones first and remembered how much I enjoy seeing kids whose parents dress them for camp as if they were taking on the Amazon. Some bore sunscreen streaks across their arms and legs and fashioned over-sized plastic sunglasses with fluorescent rims. More than a few were wearing those baseball hats with the long tails on them that: A - unashamedly resemble mullets, B - could also pass for middle-eastern head pieces, and C - quite possibly prevent the children's ears and neck regions from getting sunburned. I was hoping that some over-zealous mother had protected her child with elbow and knee pads, but unfortunately, no such luck.

As I approached the teenagers, I was utterly shocked at what my innocent eyes beheld: two of the rascals were kissing under a tree, and another couple were laying in the grass together and holding each other with intention - all out for the public to see in broad daylight! I was ready to call the teeni-boppers' parents right there and then. I wanted to run over to the little ones, face them in the opposite direction of the crude behavior, shield their innocent eyes from the fornicating teens, and frantically start reciting wholesome lines from children's books to them.

But I didn't. Instead, I observed and decided to blog about it.


At 12:17 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

I'm always a fan of yelling, "Get a room!" :) It's also funny to scream, cover your hands with your face, fall down to your knees, and start yelling, "My eyes! You've burned my eyes!"

At 3:18 PM, Blogger Sophia said...

Yeah, those are some good suggestions. I especially like the second one. :)


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