20 October 2005

Blogged Down

Dear Faithful Readers,

Please accept my deepest apologies for the lack of blogging within the past week. I was away, and my workload has piled upon me like work that piles upon someone with a lot of work to do. If you liked that analogy, check these out :

Your eyes are like two circles with dots in them.

He was as tall as a 5'11'' tree.

The lake was as vast and blue as a large blue lake.

Anyway, I promise to be back in full-swing soon.

Until then,



At 2:07 PM, Blogger Ash Sere said...

I too departed the blog world for a couple of weeks... It's not always possible is it? However, I now temporarily have a job with a desk and a private office, but only for a month.

So now it's much easier. Oh yeah.

At 8:49 AM, Blogger Sophia said...

Hey, Ash!

Congrats on your new job! I know, blogging can get addicting. :)


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