30 October 2005

Jewel Yard

Top three reasons why I love the Juilliard website :

1. Above the yellow horizontal menu at the top right of the page, there are three pictures. The one above "Alumni" is a graceful dancer. Above "Press", there is a pianist looking quite dramatic with one arm in mid-air. The picture above "Friends" is a man dressed as a beast or a monster (see right). Is that what the friends of Juilliard look like? If so, sign me up immediately. I want to be their best friend forever (BFF).

2. At the top left of the Juilliard website, it reads, "DANCE DRAMA MUSIC". Whenever I see it, I always think it's just like my conservatory, except we don't have dance. Because, let's be honest, everyone knows we have enough drama.

3. This isn't directly related to how much I love the Juilliard website, but my friend Jared had the brilliant idea of switching all the homepages in our computer lab from our school's website to the Curtis and Juilliard websites. He thought it might be a good way to build up our school spirit and morale. I completely agree.


At 1:09 AM, Blogger Graham said...

Hey Sophia,

Thanks for all your kind words. I really do appreciate them. I hope everything is going cool with your studies at Hogwarts :).

At 8:17 AM, Blogger Sophia said...

I only say those nice words becuase I mean them. :)

Thanks - school IS going really well!


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