22 April 2007

I Don't Like Cities, But I Like Björk*

*Allusion to Madonna's lyric-writing wonder: "I don't like cities, but I like New York."

Björk's newest album, Volta, is set to come out on May 7th. It's said to be quite different than her last album, Medúlla, which for most, was really hard to swallow. It featured a strong focus on the voice (including both a capella and tape overs), and perhaps more notably, a lack of the lush instrumentation she is known for. I saw her live on her Medúlla tour, and it was the most psychedelic concert I have ever attended except for a Freshman Department Recital a few years back.

Vulta, however, is said to be quite different and will feature outside musicians including Timbaland. But, from the looks of this album cover, it reminds me more of her "I Miss You" video than anything else...

16 April 2007

Dye A Log

YOU: Bad Girl, Philosophia. You've been M.I.A. for TOO LONG. We should call you "PhilosophM.I.A.".

ME: Wait! But I've been really busy!

YOU: How so?

ME: Well, I teach lots of piano students, and I am a Music Critic now for the Democrat & Chronicle!

YOU: Well, aren't you just Miss "Fancy Pants".

ME: Not really. I need new jeans.

YOU: Well, you should have told us and said something.

ME: You're right, I should've. I'm sorry.

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