28 February 2006

Nose Telling What's Next

Sorry, this post is just to change my profile picture. This one showcases the extent of my half-Russian, half-Pakistani, deep-sloped nose.

Cold Sore Loser

So, I have an enormous cold sore growing on my upper left lip. Luckily, it isn't deep red and ugly, but I do look as if I've paid some visits to my doctor for a few Botox injections. I haven't had one since I was a kid, so this is a big surprise to me. I didn't think the sore was so bad, but then, it started to weigh down the whole left side of my face, which is now hanging approximately two inches lower than my right side.

I noticed that people have been waving to me twice. When I say "hi" the first time, they wave again and greet my cold sore. Then, they proceed to hold the door for both me and my cold sore. In class, I raised my hand to answer a question, and then my professor asked me if my cold sore had any opinions on the subject. I've been told that it has it's own area code, and it's working on getting a zip code. You know, people are nasty.

I'm looking forward to next weekend, as I have two days of intensive interviewing for a fellowship I really want for next year. According to the Mayo Clinic, I have 7-10 days of the painful sore before "...the blisters form, break and ooze. Then a yellow crust forms and finally sloughs off to uncover pinkish skin that heals without a scar." Just in time for my interview; I can't wait.

26 February 2006

Philosophia's Index

It's like Harper's Index, only less intelligent, intriguing, and important.

Degrees (in Fahrenheit) outside this morning when I woke up: 16

Number of times I've listened to Madonna's "Hung Up" so far today: 16

Number of Grammys Madonna was nominated for this year: 0

Number of songs Madonna performed at the Grammys this year: 1

Number of Grammys Madonna should've gotten this year: approximately 1 million

Ratio of girls to boys on my dorm floor: 1/7

Likelihood that I never have to wait for a shower while living here: 100%

The price of Honey Nut Cheerios in my dorm: $5.69

The price of Honey Nut Cheerios at the grocery store: a whole lot less

23 February 2006

Wrapsody In Blue

Stressed? Try this.

20 February 2006

Lump on a Blog

Not sure what to write about right now...Any ideas?

14 February 2006

Top Five Reasons I'm Like An Altoid

1. I think I'm curiously strong.

2. Sometimes, I'm a little sour.

3. Although I'm not from Europe, I wish I was.

4. "Altoids" comes from the Latin alt - "to change", and the Greek oids - "taking the form of". My name in Greek means wisdom.

5. Altoids entered the U.S. through Seattle, and I have some friends who live on the west coast.

12 February 2006

Whining and Wining

So, I think that it really doesn't get any better than sitting down with a glass of sauvignon and listening to Rufus Wainwright. I love dry wines, and I love Rufus' whiney voice. I used to not enjoy the latter, but he has grown on me during the past two years that I've been introduced to his music.

Wainwright himself loves opera, so it is no coincidence that his music reflects its influence. It has been said that his "Greek Song" is directly drawn from Weber's Der Freischutz, but I also think it possesses striking parallels to Tutto Tace ("The Cherry Duet") in Mascagni's L'Amico Fritz.

I'm not the only classical-playing wild child who likes him. It was in fact my other classical nerd friends who introduced me to him. Alex Ross, der Grand Pumba of classical music critics, likes his music too!

Go ahead, have a listen and a sippin'.

08 February 2006


In her song, Silent All These Years, Tori Amos asks, "What's so amazing about really deep thoughts?" I think that after this entry, I might have an idea. My latest rumination - that Humanities are a cross between humans and manatees - has kept me going for some time now.

05 February 2006

Friedom for both Women and Men

Betty Friedan (1921 - 2006)

"Changed the world so comprehensively that it's hard to remember how much change was called for."

- New York Times Book Review on Friedan's The Feminine Mystique

Pro[lost and]found

I've come to realize that if I'm too open-minded, I may run the risk of having my brains fall out.

01 February 2006


Wow. Amazing, but a bit too "Are we going to make it?" for me.

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