18 May 2006

Linky Loo

11 May 2006

Let's Get Digital, Digital

So, I took the plunge. Within a year, I got a new car, a new laptop, a new digital camera, and a new iPod. I guess I thought it would be best to do it all at once, to get all the pain over and done with.

Although I do not own my car yet, in five years, when it's old, I can look forward to being its proud owner. I promise you, I needed this car. My new laptop was a necessary purchase because on my old one, I could not use Microsoft Word and check my e-mail at the same time. And everyone knows that the way to write a good paper is to check your e-mail. The digital camera was a bit frivolous I guess, but my old camera only works intermittently. It's not digital, and quite frankly, I'm tired of having people look at the back of my camera trying to check out the screen that isn't there. It's demoralizing.

The iPod I guess wasn't necessary either, but it sure is fun! I enjoy having all of my music on such a nice little portable device. It's a big improvement from loading all of my CDs around.

Welcome to the world of every other college student your age, Sophia.

03 May 2006

Green and Guilty

So, in response to Earth Day, I decided to almost exclusively purchase all organic products (and some natural ones), so as to be nice to the environment. Up until now, I had bought some organic and natural products, but now, I'm going full blast. I consulted my greenest friend, Zach, about my switch. It turns out that I had already purchased a lot of J/A/S/Ö/N products, as they are organic and pretty reasonably priced. Before he knew this though, he wrote:

do you get J/A/S/Ö/N products? i like J/A/S/Ö/N products. i use J/A/S/Ö/N shampoo and J/A/S/Ö/N bodywash and J/A/S/Ö/N facewash and J/A/S/Ö/N deodorant.


Now, for the "guilt" section. I haven't blogged in 10 days = guilt. And, I have a new guilty pleasure completely not related to Earth Day. It's Goldfrapp's song Number 1, which may or may not be playing on repeat right now in my room. I first heard it working out at the YMCA when I requested that we put on the Dance station so I can listen to all my favorite trashy songs five times faster with absurdly tacky synthesized beats imposed on them. If you like 90s-esque techno beats, have a listen.

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